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26 July 2015

While I doubt there will be many people offering to fix my spelling errors (let alone improve my content), I don’t want to miss the chance that there is a contributor out there. Here’s how I added a link to each page on this Jekyll generated,GitHub pages hosted site.

GitHub URLs and page.path Values

GitHub uses URLs of the form “” to edit pages in the browser. Users visiting this page will be invited to log in to GitHub and, if necessary, they will be asked to fork the repository. Once forked they can edit the file and make pull requests.

So, all we need to do, is add a link to each page that points to the appropriate file on GitHub. The “page.path” property is what we need to do this. It provides the path to the source file that generated the page.

To create an edit link simply add the following HTML to your page.html and post.html templates as required:

<div class="actions">
  <a href="{{ page.path }}">Edit this page</a>

And add some styling, I simply used the following:

.actions {

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