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17 July 2015

I’ve not maintained a blog for a number of years, maybe now is the time to change that. My goal withthis blog is not to create and maintain high quality content, I have other outputs for the polished stuff. This is a place for me to keep notes, mostly for myself to come back to, but maybe others will find them useful as they explore the same technologies as I do.

So here’s the first note, how this blog was created:


Jekyll Bootstrap is great, although unmaintained now. I had a clean looking sight pretty much out of the box. I made the following customizations:

  • Use a Docker container to enable previewing of the Jekyll site on any dev machine
  • Add Twitter cards
  • Switched to the “Twitter” theme (edit the files in _layouts directory replacing the bootstrap3 theme references with twitter ones)
  • Removes the Categories and Pages pages (removed the approprite *.html files), which also made the navigation menu less cluttered
  • Edited index.html to show an index of posts (with excerpts)
  • Make the page.excerpt a meta=”description” tag in the head

Things to Do

This is a good start and I’m happy with it, but there is more to do. Here’s some ideas:

  • Add social sharing buttons (at least to twitter)
  • Add an about page
  • Add links to RSS and Atom feeds

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